Saturday, September 3, 2016

Programming and data structures

1.In the runtime environment, the languages that necessarily need heap allocation is
The one that use global variables The one that allow dynamic data structures The one that support recursion The one that use dynamic scoping

2.What is the requirement for evaluating an expression without any embedded function calls?
Two stack One stack In general case a turning machine is needed As many stacks as the height of an expression tree

3.What is the advantage of chained hash table (external hashing) over open addressing scheme?
Easier deletion is possible Less space is required Worst case complexity of search operations is less None of the above

4.The process in which load addresses are assigned to various parts of the program and to reflect the assigned addresses, code and date in a program are adjusted is called
Relocation Symbol resolution Parsing Assembly

5.Why there are security concerns in case of dynamic linking?
Because cryptographic procedures are not available for dynamic linking. Because security is dynamic Because linking is not secured Because the path for searching dynamic libraries is not known till runtime.

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